Background Resources for Technology Evaluation

The following resources provide useful background and starting points for engaging in various aspects of district-wide technology evaluation. Remember that the WorldWideWeb is volatile and constantly changing. The URLs provided below were accurate as of the date of this compilation, but we can make no guarantees for their permanence. For a perhaps more up-to-date listing, see the Sun Associates website. Also, feel free to call, fax, or email us at any time.

Research Reports on Technology and Education

Apple Computer Corporation. Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow, Today. Apple has also published updates to its original ACOT research, developing six "design principles" for 21st century learning. A site about ACOT2 can be found at Documents related to the original ACOT research may be found at:

Becker, H., Ravitz, J.L., Wong, Y., Teacher and Teacher-Directed Student Use of Computers and Software. Teaching, Learning, and Computing: 1998 National Survey. Report #3. Center for Research on Information Technology and Organizations. University of California, Irvine and University of Minnesota. 1999. This report can be found online at

Coley, R.J., Cradler, J., Engel, P.K., Computers and Classrooms. The Status of Technology in U.S. Schools Policy Information Center, Educational Testing Service. Princeton, NJ. 1999. This report can be found online at

Schacter, J. The Impact of Education Technology on Student Achievement: What the Most Current Research Has to Say. Milken Exchange on Education Technology. Santa Monica, CA. 2000. This report can be found online at

Proven and Effective Technology Practice

Edutopia - Why Teach With Project-Based Learning? 2010. An excellent set of video resources illustrating examples of project-based learning and how technology tools support this pedagogy.

Partnership for 21st Century Skills, Video21. Another set of video examples of 21st Century learning in the classroom.

Adams, S., Burns, M. Connecting Student Learning & Technology. Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (SEDL). 1999. This report can be found online at

ISTE/NETS National Educational Technology Standards Project Standards and realated documents available online at

Southwest Educational Development Laboratory. Constructivism and Technology. TAP into Learning. Volume 1 Number 1. This resource is online at

Evaluation Resources

Bingham, M., Stories with Data and Data with Stories T.H.E. Journal April, 1999.

Johnston, J., Barker, L., Assessing the Impact of Technology in Teaching and Learning: A Sourcebook for Evaluators. 2002. This resource is available online at

Milken Exchange on Education Technology. Technology in American Schools: Seven Dimensions for Gauging Progress - A Policymaker's Guide. Santa Monica, CA. 1998. This report can be found online at

Sun, J. How Do We Know It's Working? Designing an Authentic Technology Evaluation and Assessment Plan. Learning & Leading with Technology Volume 27 Number 7.

U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Technology's Evaluation Resources. A variety of resources available online at

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