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Teacher Technology Survey

The following brief survey is part of our effort to evaluate the effectiveness of instructional technology and its implementation across the district.

Choose your school's name.

Each teacher has been assigned a unique identification number for completing this survey. You should not use someone else's identification number. Survey responses with duplicate numbers will be considered invalid.

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Your answers on this survey are confidential. We do not track the identity of individual respondents and our external evaluators will not share raw data with anyone in the district.

How has technology impacted your students' achievement?

Please check all of the following statements with which you agree --

 Technology increases my students' motivation  
 My students use technology to acquire basic skills  
 My students use technology to become more critical thinkers  
 My students use technology to help them construct new knowledge  
 My students use technology to solve relevant, real-life, problems  
 My students use technology to discover concepts and prove relationships  
 My students use technology to communicate knowledge and information  

Please check all of the technologies which you employ with your students --

 Word Processors
 Integrated Learning System (e.g., Jostens, Writing to Read, etc.)
 Games (tutorial and basic skills development)
 Special Applications for Reading, Math, etc. (e.g., Accelerated Reader)
 Electronic Mail  
 Presentation Software (e.g., PowerPoint)
 CD-Rom Encyclopedias
 Graphing Calculators
 Probes for data acquisition (temperature, mass, etc.)  

My students use technology primarily in settings. Chose one.

The following questions deal with your own use of technology.

Please check all of the statements with which you agree --

 I use technology applications such as word processors and spreadsheets to produce materials for use with my students  
 I use on-line (WWW) resources to find materials relevant to my curriculum  
 I use presentation software and hardware within my classroom  
 I use e-mail to contact peers and experts both inside and outside of the district  
 I use e-mail to communicate with parents and students
 I use technology to maintain student records (e.g., electronic gradebook, etc.)
 I use technology to monitor student performance (e.g., electronic portfolios)
 I believe that I can recognize the ethical use of technology
 I model the ethical use of technology with my students  

 My building technology coordinator has helped me implement the district technology standards  
 My building technology coordinator has assisted me in finding ways to integrate technology within my curriclulum
 District-level technology resource teachers have assisted me in implementing standards and integrating technology  

I use a variety of teaching strategies which incorporate technology use (choose one):

The learning activities I develop (choose one) require students to use technology.

Please estimate the percentage of your written communication (to all individuals in the course of your professional work) that takes place electronically

Finally, we are interested in your opinion on the following:

The technology plan for my school is "frequently monitored"

The administrator in my school is involved in technology professional development

If you have additional comments you would like to add, you can use the following area to enter them.

When typing comments, please DO NOT enter line breaks. Type your comments as a single paragraph.

Once again, please be assured that your comments are confidential.

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