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Teaching and Learning with Technology -- Teacher Survey

Dear Youville Teacher:

The following survey is part of the district's effort to assess how computer and information technology is currently used to support teaching and learning across the district. We realize that there are many different points of view and opinions related to how the district should implement its technology plan, and this survey is one way in which we will be gathering information on those varied opinions and experiences. In addition to this survey, we will also be visiting each school, observing teachers and students, and conducting teacher/administrator interviews.

In the following survey, we want to discover your current comfort level with regard to various instructional technology tools and techniques. We also want to learn about how you currently perceive of the value of technology as a tool for improving student performance and achievement. Therefore, these questions ask about your beliefs and attitudes related to technology integration, and a bit about your current technology skills. Many of the questions are multiple choice, but we also have provided a space at the end of the survey for you to enter as much text as you might wish. Please feel free to use this text space to add any additional comments (positive or negative) you might wish.

We will analyze this survey's data in aggregate to determine an overall picture of teacher skills in this district. We will not track the responses from individual respondents, and therefore all of your responses will be anonymous.

Thank you in advance for your time!

At which school do you work:

Please select the role group that most closely matches your current position:

Please let us know approximately how long you have been teaching:

Please Note -- For the purposes of this survey, "technology" is defined to be information technology such as computers (desktop, laptop, handheld), networks, software, and the various devices (e.g., InFocus projectors, assistive/adaptive devices, etc.) attached to computers. We specifically are not including non-computer technologies such as overhead projectors and VCRs.

Teacher Technology Proficiencies

For each of the following 8 questions, please choose what you believe to be your level of proficiency from the pull down menu to the right of the question. Please choose your proficiency level even if you do not currently have access to the technology (equipment, software, etc.) being discussed.

1. I am able to use a word processor to develop written professional work (e.g., memos, worksheets, communications with parents). I know how to edit and spell-check documents as needed. I can format documents.
2. I am able to use software such as PowerPoint or Hyperstudio to create presentations. I can add text, graphics, video, audio, or hyperlinks to presentations.
3. I am able to use a spreadsheet for several purposes. I know how to make calculations. I can use basic functions (e.g., sum or average). I can use a spreadsheet to make a graph, chart, or table.
4. I am able to use my FirstClass email account to send and receive email. I can send and receive email attachments (files). I can send emails to multiple addresses. I can forward email.
5. I am able to make use of WWW search engines (e.g., Google) to find online information and resources. I can use advanced searching features (e.g., boolean operators such as "and" or "not"). I am familiar with specific educational web sites (e.g., MarcoPolo) and I can bookmark my favorite sites.
6. I am able to create web pages using web-authoring software or an online web page building service.
7. I am able to use devices such as digital cameras and scanners to capture, save, and manipulate digital images. I can transfer digital images into a variety of software applications (e.g., word processors, presentation software).
8. I am able to use a laptop as a professional tool. I am able to connect a laptop to the Internet.

Use of Specific Technologies At School

For each of the following 19 questions, please indicate the approximate frequency with which you use and/or assign the use of the following technologies. We only want you to consider those technologies that you and your students use at school. Again, please only consider technology use at school and not technology that you or your students might use at home.

9. I use word processing to create or plan classroom activities
10. I use presentation software to organize or present curriculum information for students
11. I use spreadsheets to store and analyze student information
12. I use the Internet to locate and/or download professional resources (e.g., lesson plans, curriculum ideas, etc.)
13. I will have my student use drill-and-practice software or software-based tutorials to build basic skills
14. I will have my students work in small groups to complete activities that require the use of technology
15. I will have my students use technology to complete work products or performance tasks that demonstrate mastery of specific content standards
16. I will have my students use word processing at multiple stages of the writing process
17. I will have my students use word processing to edit each others work
18. I will have my students complete assignments using presentation software (e.g., PowerPoint, KidPix, Hyperstudio)
19. I will have my students use a spreadsheet to organize and analyze data, create graphs, or create things such as budgets
20. I will have my students use the Internet to complete a research project or assignment
21. I will integrate online activities such as WebQuests or virtual field trips into classroom activities
22. I will have my students post information to a web page as part of a classroom activity or project
23. I will have my students use multimedia devices such as digital cameras or scanners as part of classroom activities
24. I will have my students use laptop computers (not AlphaSmarts, but full computers) during classroom activities or projects
25. I will review with my students the rules for acceptable use of technology as well as strategies to avoid plagiarism
26. I will use technology (i.e., email or a class web page) to communicate with students and/or parents about homework assignments, classroom events, etc.)
27. I will meet with colleagues to talk about issues of teaching and learning related specifically to technology integration

Your Perceptions of Technology's Impact on Teaching and Learning

The following statements are intended to gauge your opinions about how technology impacts students and their work either at school, at home (or both). Please check all of the following statements with which you agree. Leave blank any with which you do not agree.

  At School


28. My students use technology to develop mastery of basic skills (reading, writing, mathematics, etc.)
29. My students use technology to become more critical thinkers
30. My students use technology to access, integrate, and analyze information relevant to interdisciplinary problems
31. My students use technology as a tool for self-directed learning
32. My students use technology to solve relevant, real-life, problems
33. My students use technology to discover concepts and prove relationships
34. My students use technology tools in ways that parallel and model the way that technology is used in the world of work
35. My students use a high degree of personal judgment when choosing and applying technology tools in their learning activities

Please respond to the following yes/no and short answer questions:

36. I expect my students to use a variety of online, curriculum-specific, resources in their work (you may name specific resources in the "Additional Comments" space at the end of this survey)
37. I know what it means to "differentiate" instruction.
38. I employ differentiated instruction strategies routinely in my curriculum design work
39. I am able to identify the particular curriculum framework standards being addressed by technology-infused activities/units I teach
40. I am familiar with the Youville Instructional Technology Learning Expectations for my students' grade level
41. I feel personally responsible for guiding my students in the use of appropriate technology tools and strategies within their learning activities

Please complete the following sentences...

42. I know that my students are highly engaged in their learning experiences when I see:

43. One thing that I would like to see changed in terms of how technology in implemented in my school is:

Additional Comments

Use this section to add clarification to any question, or to add any thoughts you might have on any aspect (positive or negative) of how instructional technology impacts your teaching and your students' learning. Once again, please be assured that your comments are confidential.

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Questions 1-27 have been adapted from the Co-nect Faculty Technology Integration Survey. Copyright 2004, Co-nect Inc. Used by permission.

Survey Form Updated 12/9/04