Sample District Schools Student Survey

Dear Sample District Schools Student:

This survey is part of your school district’s effort to evaluate how computers, networks, and other technology devices are currently being used in your school. In addition to your responses, we will also be collecting data from teachers, administrators, and parents. We have already observed classes in your school and the other schools in the district.

Data from this survey will be analyzed in aggregate to create an overall picture of technology use in Sample District Schools for the purposes of technology planning. Individual responses will not be tracked; therefore, all of your responses will be anonymous.

The survey contains 5 items that require either a selected response or an open-ended response. In the survey, you will be asked to reflect on your use of technology to create original works and products, collaborate with other students and the teacher, solve problems as a team, and to gather information/research. We anticipate that the survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. There is no option to save and return to edit; so completion in a single sitting will be necessary.

Thank you in advance for your time!

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In each of the questions below where you can type sentences as an answer, please feel free to type in as much text as you would like. The box will automatically scroll and your text will automatically wrap in the box.

1. Could you please tell us something about how you have used technology in a project that you have done this year in school?

What was the project and what technology was used?
How do you think the technology helped you learn?

2. Please indicate (using the pull-down menu) how often you do the sorts of things described below in school.

Practice Frequency Example

I use technology to create things (e.g., movies, presentations, digital media, etc.).

I use technology to collaborate, communicate, and share ideas and resources.

I use technology while working on projects with other students to produce products and to solve real world problems.

I use technology to do research.

I use technology to explore concepts and solve problems.

3. For each of the following statements, please select the degree to which you agree with the statement. You may provide additional clarification or comments to any of your responses by entering those comments in Question 5, below.

I am more interested in learning when it involves the use of technology.
I believe that I am more creative when I am able to use technology tools in my school work.
I feel confident that I know how to choose the best technology tool to use for a particular learning task.
My teacher directs most of what we do in the classroom.
My teacher provides choices about projects and activities.
I have sufficient access to the technology I need to learn at school.

4. What could your school do, in your opinion, to improve the ways in which you and your teachers utilize technology as a tool for learning?

5. Please use the space below to share any other thoughts, ideas or questions regarding instructional technology use in your school.

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Last updated, June 22, 2014