Sample District Teacher Survey

Dear Sample District Teacher:

The following survey is part of the district's effort to assess how instructional technology is currently used to support teaching and learning across the district. By "instructional technology" we mean computers and computing devices as well as the various tools and networks to which they are attached.

We realize that there are many different points of view and opinions related to how the district should implement and support instructional technology, and this survey is part of a multi-faceted approach to gathering information on those varied opinions and experiences. In addition to this survey, our external evaluators - Sun Associates - will also be visiting each school, observing teachers and students, and conducting teacher/administrator interviews.

Data from this survey will be analyzed in aggregate to determine an overall picture of curriculum and instruction as it relates to technology use in Sample District schools. Individual responses will not be tracked, and will remain anonymous. Ultimately, this data will be aggregated and used in our district's instructional technology planning effort.

Thank you in advance for your time!

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In each of the questions below where you can provide an open-ended response, please feel free to type in as much text as you would like. The box will automatically scroll and your text will automatically wrap in the box.

1. How do you think that technology can ideally support learning in your classroom?

2. For each of the following items, please select your best estimate of the frequency that your students engage in the described sort of activity as a result of something that you have assigned/facilitated. Use the space next to each frequency/item to provide an (optional) example of this activity and/or more detail on your response.

Practice Frequency Example

Students use technology to create original works and products (e.g., movies, presentations, digital media, etc.).

Students work collaboratively, using technology tools to communicate and share ideas and resources with fellow students and teachers in their own class.

Students work collaboratively, using technology tools and resources to communicate and share ideas and resources with students and teachers at a distance (i.e., in locations other than their own class).

Students use digital tools to gather information and conduct research.

Students use technology tools to explore concepts and solve problems.

3. Please indicate the frequency with which you personally, as a teacher, use technology to support the following tasks:

Task Frequency Example

To create opportunities for students to use technology to create original, innovative work/products.

To create student-centered learning opportunities that integrate technology tools.

As a means for authentic assessment.

As a tool for professional productivity.

To participate in professional learning opportunities, communicate with peers and collaborate with other professionals.


4. For each of the following statements, please select the degree to which you agree with the statement. You may provide additional clarification or comments to any of your responses by entering those comments in Question 8, below.

My students demonstrate critical thinking skills by evaluating and selecting appropriate information resources.
My students demonstrate the ability to select among technology tools and applications appropriate to their learning tasks.
My students demonstrate understanding of safe and ethical uses of technology.
My students demonstrate proficiency with technology tools and operations appropriate to their grade level.
My students currently have sufficient access to the technology they need to learn at school.
My students arrive in my classroom each fall with the technology skills necessary to successfully use technology for learning.
I believe that my students currently have ownership over their own learning.
I feel that I have adequate professional development around the use of technology for teaching and learning.
I feel that I have adequate professional development around developing the pedagogies necessary to create and support a student centered learning environment.
I feel that I am encouraged as a teacher to "take risks" with regard to trying new and innovative instructional practices.
I feel that there is a clear set of expectations in Sample District as to how students should use technology in support of learning the core academic curriculum
I believe that I understand Sample District's vision for how technology is intended to support teaching and learning.

5. What is your definition of a "personalized learning environment"?

6. What does it mean to you for a student to be "information and media literate"?

7. Please provide an example of how a student could use technology to take ownership over their own learning.

8. Please use the space below to share any other thoughts, ideas or questions regarding instructional technology use in Sample District Schools.

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Last updated, June 22, 2014